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A Installation methods for heat-shrinkable tubes

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1         Oven—Suitable for S1-series busbar heat shrink tubes and S3-UBOLT-series U-shape screws protective heat shrink tubes;Oven’s temperature can be regulated;

       Drying tunnel—Suitable for all A-series and BHST braided heat shrink tubes;

   Drying tunnel’s temperature and running speed can be regulated;

3        1300℃ Butane gas handheld blow torch (electronic ignition)—Suitable for S3PS fiber optic dome closure series that uses spiral adhesives to lock cable position and S3TV series, both are to be installed in environments high above ground;

         1300℃ Butane gas handheld blow torch (electronic ignition) has high temperatures and cannot be regulated;

      (Note: While heat shrinking S3PS, need to ensure no cracking/splitting of the tube after flame is applied.)

4       1000℃Gasoline blow lamp—Suitable for medium/heavy walled heat shrink tubing and cable accessories under the condition where there is an absence of alternative LNG (liquefied natural gas) heating tools;

         1000℃ Gasoline blow lamp’s temperature cannot be regulated;

5      800-1000℃ LNG tank heating device—Suitable for medium/heavy walled tube and heat shrinkable cable accessories;

        800-1000℃ LNG tank heating device’s temperature can be regulated;

6      2000W Industrial heat gun—Suitable for a variety for heat shrinkable materials, specifically for the thin walled heat shrinkable tubes used for electronics;

        2000W Industrial heat gun’s temperature can be regulated;

7      Heat shrink tube heating Methods A and B are as follows:





                  A                                                                                         B


Working site needs to be equipped with: A wet cleaning rag, working safety gloves, silicone grease.

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